Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Feeling Mellow #2 - Friendship Posts...

I have a friend. A magic friend. Not a spiritual friend, oh no. She would whack me one if I called her that (though in her own unique way she is). We finally managed to catch up yesterday after a year of "we must do's...". We met two years ago through a kids' soccer team, though I knew of her long before. You see, she is one of the most gifted artisans I have ever come across and I coveted much of her work years before I actually met her face to face. I still covet much of her work, and one day I shall own one of her pieces! The hard bit will be deciding which one.

And no, this is not one of her pieces.

She dwells in the land of faery, the fey, and mystical creatures, and yet claims not to be spiritual. She has looked death in the face and fought her way back believing in positive life forces pushing her forward, but she is not spiritual. She looks for the good in people even whilst battling the bad, is convinced there is magic in our jaded existence, and sees the mysteries of life, but by hell, do NOT call her spiritual!

I love being with her, we are kindred spirits she says, and I must agree. We both have very similar tastes in most things, and think in a very like manner.

Yesterday she had been through a physical wringer with attempts for some follow up tests failing, so it was a little more sombre a meeting than we planned. I couldn't for the life of me think of any jokes to lighten the mood. Instead we talked, there is so much in this burgeoning friendship we have yet to reveal to each other, yesterday was us making inroads into the past and the paths we have taken to get to where we are.

Ah, it was a lovely interlude, just lovely. Cannot wait for the next one! Might just have to drop in to her Aladdin's cave of treasures to say a quick gidday later.

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Cathy said...

Aladdin's cave of treasures - sounds intriguing. Methinks I shall have to find out more.