Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Bit of General Chit-Chat and some Ho-Hum Stuff

I cannot believe how fast this year has taken off, it appears 2010 will pass by in a blur much in the same way as 2009. Our family is hoping this year will be our year of change, the stress of the past decade let go and life moving into a more pleasant sphere. One can only hope. We have made some big decisions to facilitate the switch and now must put them into action.

For me, one of the amazing things at the beginning of this decade is how fast the number of followers of this blog has increased. I notice each and every one of you, and yes I do take the time to follow your links and read your own blogs. The traffic flow of readers has also multiplied, yesterday over 100 individual hits by my counter. Makes me all gooey and fuzzy inside. Okay, maybe it is more like a witch cackling over her crystal ball frantically muttering "...more, MORE, I WANT MORE!"

The comments always keep me moving forward, and I love the wit and style you guys use. (Don't you hate that phrase you guys, comes from having two almost tween boys). I am still a bit of a technophobe though, and have to ask a few questions from you experts (and I am in awe of those of you who constantly change your blog layouts - I am too terrified of stuffing it all to even attempt it)...

When you win a blog award, but you do not have html code for it, how do you put the picture into the column at the side permanently? Those I have included have been via layout, add a gadget, add html.

And where do some of you find the incredible photos you post? I spend of lot of my time wiping the drool from my crazily salivating mouth.

Also thought I'd quickly mention how impressed I am with the calibre of blogs I keep stumbling upon. And inspired. And daunted. Hell - you lot scare the crap out of me, I'm always wondering about grammar, punctuation, phrasing and content. My school English lessons have long since lost any impact and I know my editing skills do leave a lot to be desired. Please, feel free to slam critique my badly written prose, after all, how will I learn (again) if I am not told?

Okay, rambled on enough. Happy blogging!


Kellyansapansa said...

I use add a gadget, add an image. I always use the simplest possible option. I am a total grammar and spelling nazi when it comes to my own blog, but I tend not too notice too much in others, unless they're, like, putikulally bad. Then I just take them off my blogroll. Good luck for this decade - I'm sure that wonderful things are coming your way!

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures you have in your blog.. Hey how did you get your signature thingy?
Oh and yeah I use the add a gadget thingy too!!
It all takes time and patience to attempt to learn these things.

Wishing you a great decade!!

Cathy said...

Your blog makes me laugh, makes me cry and makes me think. And your pictures are great and always apt.

Brooke said...

I love checking you out! Awesome with 100 hits!