Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blog This Challenge

Now, I didn't enter this one for several reasons.
  1. I am staging my own one blogger protest. See here for details. And where the hell are you all? Come on, I cannot be the only frustrated Blog This member chomping at the bit?
  2. I don't do the whole resolution bit. My theory is if you want to do something or make changes, just do it. No need to make a resolution to achieve it. Just more reason to stall methinks...
  3. Too damn busy. 2010 is shaping up to be more manic than 2009. Guess Wise Woman 1 was spot on when she told me as a child that life speeds up more and more the older you get.
  4. Mojo blojo still MIA to a certain extent so couldn't even fake this one, truth be told.

BUT, just because I didn't enter doesn't mean I haven't read the entries. Now comes the hard bit - working out which one to cast my one and only vote to.

So, this was the challenge:

Whether you love 'em or avoid them like the plague, the new year seems to have most people philosophical about what the year might hold for them. But hey, let's take a new look at this.
What are your Anti-Resolutions?

Lessons learned -never-to-be-repeated again things? Tell us about resolutions you've broken before, the ones you'd never make - Make a list of 5 resolutions you plan to break! Make resolutions for someone - a celebrity or politician if you like!

Ten members entered, ten blogs have I read. I find it very amusing that I can closely associate with so many of these entries. For example, one of my favourite bloggers, Caitlyn posted a list of ten anti-resolutions and I could relate to nearly every one of them. And all made me cack myself laughing.
I also jumped onto Being Me's Sunny Side Up. I too will sharply elbow anyone who deems it acceptable to try and steal my complementary crusty bread when out, and Boy 2 should deem himself blessed to have been allowed access to my precious matchbox cars! Oh, and never trust a friend to keep an eye on your drinking count, no friendship is that strong!
Found a new kindred spirit through this challenge too. Vicki at Ignore Reality captured my attention with her wit and sharp turn of phrase. The fact that she starts off this post with a Paul Kelly song helped. Dumb things - lordy, we are all guilty of those! And the whole dash and flash of her blog - pretty cool. Really relating to her Facebook comments, think Facebook is an online version of high school. And yet I am still a member, go figure?
Alliecat as usual makes me giggle. Just wondering where the carrots were though. There is always carrots! 
I tell you, I just seem to have these same life experiences as some. All entries were good, but a couple were more familiar than others. Now how the hell do I decide? How do I choose just one?



E. said...

I must Admit I'm a little peeved that the Blog This people haven't posted the results of the recent challenges.

Alex said...

I haven't logged onto Blog This for a while, it was getting too crafty and I don't have the time (who am I kidding, talent) to participate.

But I just read all those posts and they were great! Found a few more blogs to stalk.

Madmother said...

Yeah, I love finding new blogs, though once school goes back I will be more limited timewise.

Kellyansapansa said...

As a relatively new member of Blog This, I sent them an email last week with quite a bit of feedback, including the fact that previous Challenge results seem to be missing. This was actually the first Challenge that I've ever entered and I was a bit apprehensive about putting it "out there" so thank you for your kind words!