Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blog Ambition

Sitting at the psych's office today I browsed the massive pile of old Time magazines, as one does whilst waiting. The one that caught my attention (other than the one Boy 1 stole from me, yep tore it right from my grasp 'cause of some lamo lunar mission article) was the May 2009 issue with The Time 100 World's Most Influential list on the cover. Now we all have our own dreams and ambitions, and I think I have been fairly vocal about my desire to write and to be successful at it. Oh, didn't mention the last bit? Well I would dearly love to be able to support my Big Boy for a change, and allow him to pursue some of his heart's desires (and no BB- that does not mean you can fly off into the sunset to meet Halle Berry).

So, here I sat perusing these 100 influential success stories, wondering how I can channel some of their luck onto li'l ole me (did you know you cannot rub it off old magazines like those sniff 'n rub perfume samples... no siree, you cannot. Just leaves blurry ink marks and makes receptionists glare at you under their spectacles insinuating you are making a spectacle...) when it is mentioned in one interview how you need to find a niche or theme for your blog and follow it through to be successful in the saturated blog field. This is not a new idea, I had realised it a while ago after stumbling upon it somewhere in a google search in the early blogging days. Okay, now I know I have only been blogging here for about six months, but I did have another blog elsewhere for a few years before this!

But here's the thing. I like the randomness of my blog, I like rambling about whatever tickles my fancy at the time, and at times  it is truly cathartic to be able to vent here when things get too much for me.

If I was going to pick a theme, well it really would have to be autism, but I downright refuse to allow it to consume our family, absorb me, or make it what our life revolves around. Whilst I embrace my child's differences, I rejoice in his normalacy too. I am passionate about advocating for him , but it does not mean I do not champion Boy 2 just as much. Highlight their achievements, not their struggles. So if that means I am not going to win the next bloggies, then so be it.

I'll just be happy to keep plodding along slowly drawing followers and not boring anyone too much.

And I'm sure you lot will let me known if I become too bland and yawn-worthy, won't you? Sure you will...


Jen said...

But it is your (as you called it) randomness that keeps drawing us back again and again. I love reading about your life and thoughts and I think that the mix is perfect. I think to have a theme is ok if it is a big part of your life or it already consumes you and makes you happy (like the organisational blogs out there or fashion ones) . There are many bloggers though that are successful just through writing about their lives :) . Keep it up (and i will/maybe/kinda tell you if you get boring :p

Madmother said...

Thanks. My blog is a bit like my brain, jumps from one thought to another.

Scattiness appears to be a post children permanent state of my mind.

Poor Big Boy, married a compulsive, obsessive organiser, now stuck with a ditz, lol.