Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Muse Wars: Start of a New Era

Originally started by Melissa @ The Things I'd Tell You, the Muse Wars were so named in the second challenge by Madmother (moi), and continued through to around ten challenges. Then stopped, frozen in time.

I am now dubbing the new era of short story photo challenges as:

 Muse Wars: The Linky Era

  •  Anyone can join in, you just need to write a story as your interpretation of the photo in 500  - 1000 words. Can be of any genre - let your mind fly free.
  • McLinky closes within 48 hours of challenge opening.
  • First to link sets new photo for next challenge. Or can pass it on to next on list but MUST be passed within 24 hours of previous challenge closing.
  • Next challenge must be set within seven days of completion of previous challenge.
  • Post the code on your blog for all to see - and include the rules!
Challenge 1 MWTLE Inspiration Photo:

Ready, set, go for it...


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