Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fresh Meat... Ooops, I mean Yippee: New Followers!

104...104... Oh how fun, I've made the score!
Beat the ton, and then some more,
Cannot believe it... 104!

105, 106... Oh I don't mean to be a bitch
But if numbers rise my fever will pitch
Could you imagine... 106?

107, 108, 109 I do await
What can I use to be the bait?
Would I be happy at 108...

201, no -  202, oh my lord, can I do?
A girl can dream, how about you?
Can you help me to 202?

1003, 1004... I'm starting to panic, can't handle more.
Cannot breathe, the excitement is raw
The room is spinning, 1000 and...
*Thump*     floor.


Kellyansapansa said...

Oh, how I've missed you!

Wanderlust said...

Where do you find your images? Love them. Congrats on the century! Woot woot!

Donna said...

Love the poetry and am oh so envious .. I only have three followers and I think one of them has abandoned the sinking ship!

Ro said...

Well done!
Hope you're having a wild time on your hols, you deserve it ;)

Kakka said...

Well done on the ton +

Alex said...

Wouldn't it be luverly!

Natacha said...

Congrats! You do have an awesome blog, so you deserve it!

Melissa said...

Lol - I'm losing mine left, right and centre.