Saturday, June 5, 2010

If it Walks Like a Duck

Quacks like a duck and tastes like a duck, NICELY roasted and adorned with a tangy plum sauce, then the odds are it is a duck! What on earth is she on about now, I can hear you asking yourself.

It appears that many cyber friends have been the victim of an elaborate fraudster. A blogger/twitterer lying swindler attempting to set up the big con. But she came unstuck, how I do not know, but word spread quickly and she vanished into the ether. You can read here and here and follow the links/comments onto the many trails of betrayal. I am cautious with people until I get to know them irl. I am happy to offer support, advice and tentative friendship, but never money or financial help, especially if asked. To me it is the ultimate red flag, and I will run a mile if scenting any type of fiduciary motives. It stems from a childhood of watching the flame haired one get scammed for money by unscrupulous men who proclaimed to love her. It arises from so-called lovers stealing from her residence after her death, even blatantly denying it when cught red-handed by our horrified parents. It comes from personal experience in my ignorant youth when people felt they were entitled to keep money borrowed from myself, whilst knowing I was a struggling student.

Trust your gut, and CONSTANTLY be aware that people are not always what they seem. Sadly, life is now about protecting ourselves whilst relationships are developing. Being open but not TOO candid, keeping your eyes peeled and senses alert even whilst embracing new friendship. Walking that fine line of not shutting yourself off from life, and not leaving yourself open to deception.

Oh, and whilst I am on here I'll tag onto the end (a day late) of Flog Ya Blog Friday.


Go, check out the boss babe's rules. If you don't follow them she can be roolly scary...


Veronica said...

I missed all the drama, but for all that, I've seen it happen a few other times before. A 16yo blogging about cancer, a drama with a baby and SIDS, it makes you wary.

So yeah, sorry you were drawn into it. I don't know anything about the woman or her blog and I think I'm grateful for that.

Thea said...

Yep, you are so right!
I'm just getting that fine line down to a fine art!! x

beingzaraandzidan said...

wow! great blog!
I am sure following u.
I hope u do too as its fun to make bloggy friends!