Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Holy Life, Batman!

Today is a sorta downtime day. Sitting here in my pj's, fire roaring, eating stew. And *gasp* watching Dr Phil as he addresses issues which I have lived over the last (oh crap, almost a year...) few months. Well, it did hit the fan in the last few months anyway. Anyone who reads over my blog will get the idea, it hasn't been a constant and most of the time it didn't get to me, but it all reached a head a couple of months ago.

What was a great sign today is the fact I *giggled* throughout most of this show, especially with the second part on the stalkerish friend. I am back to where I was earlier, and find it really amusing that these sad little nobodies are still stuck in the quagmire of their nasty little lives/lies.

Lordy, my life is a Dr Phil show! Now, that's funny!


Megan said...

That show is always good for a laugh!

Ro said...

Seriously, girl, try out for hosting the new chat show Oprah is running a comp for, you could scare some sense into a few people via their idiot box lol ;)

Wanderlust said...

So how are you liking statcounter? Fun?

Madmother said...

Yeah, and probably don't know how to utilise it properly, lol.

When you comin' over to gueast blog my house? Hmmmm?

Wanderlust said...

Soonish... I've got another one to do before you! xx