Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh No!

I am trying desperately to fight off some sort of virus at the moment. Sunday, was feeling downright off... aches in jaw (tetanus), incredibly painful stiff neck (meningococcul), shooting pains across chest and down arms (heart attack). Yes, Big Boy says I am a walking hyperchondriac, not that I am NOT ill, just that all my little symptoms seem to be major illnesses in my head. Oh, and then of course I refuse to see a doctor. Big Boy also says I should have been a man (make of that what you will...). Me, I think I just err on the side of caution and one day you shall see on my epitaph: "See, I told you I was sick!"

But I digress. Yesterday I felt much better, thank goodness. And so off I toddled to work and the gadzillion other things I had to do. You see, I am off on a business trip on Thursday. And I cannot afford to be sick. No. And before then I have to have this whole house organised or else the wheels will fall off whilst I am away. I have no time to be sick.

So, damnit, why did I wake up this morning feeling like death warmed over? Really, really bad timing.

Maybe I should have started taking those super multi-vitamins I bought last week, oh and the magnesium too. Some zinc like I am forcing Wise Woman to take along with vitamin C, probably wouldn't go astray either. Oh, and fish oil. Jeez, always have good intentions but am rushing so much I just forget. Hope it isn't too little too late.

Will run off to pop pills right now!

Just one thing to add before swallowing the equivilant of a cup of capsules... I have a new phone. A flash whatsi with all sorts of doo-dads. Now if I can just work out how to answer the bloody thing...


Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Oh, no, indeed!! Hope you feel better soon! I swear by zinc, myself!

Cate P said...

Feel better Tanya, being sick sucks :( Hope you pick up before your trip.