Sunday, November 29, 2009

Talking to Myself

HELLO? Anybody out there? The numbers tell me you are watching but the lack of comments makes me feel very alone in here.

Hello? Hello? Somebody? Anybody?



Anonymous said...

I promise when my head stops hurting (and no I didn't have a big one last night), I'll think of more to say.

I still love you though.

Anonymous said...

HI Madmother :p

I have recently added your blog to my RSS feeds (as in last night) and just read the past month or so's posts.
I am already hooked, so wanted you to know that there is a 'real' somebody reading :)
Have made a pact with moiself that I will comment on peoples blogs as I hope someone will one day comment on mine :p
Thanks for sharing your family with us!

Anonymous said...

Oh hi MM! I'm a new reader obtained from the EB 'blog' thread. I've read some past posts and you are interesting and write wonderfully! I look forward to more and yes, yes, I'll click through from Google Reader and make a comment now and then :)

Melissa said...

You know I'm here.

Get used to it, I'm afraid, dear friend.
I have 1oo and something followers. At most, 20 of them comment. Ever. Even when I beg.

Melanie said...

Just a quick G'day. Found you through Blog This and have been reading your posts during my "wake up, get of your butt and work" coffee. Added you to my lists of reads, cheers, Melanie

Madmother said...

Thanks for the replies. Just seems strange, why not comment if you enjoy or relate to it. I know I do.

Ah well, will just have to learn to curb my need for conversation...

jlydia said...

*waves* Reporting for commenting duty ;). Sorry - have been a bit neglectful lately but I'm still around.