Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Bit Where I

try out my new signature thanks to Psych Babbler! Now all I need to know (baby steps, baby steps) is how to set it up so it appears at the bottom of each new post. If this works at all, of course (I can hear you all muttering: "Oh ye of little faith", can't help it natural born pessimist here).

Look! I mean wow - LOOK!

This whole thing has been a massive learning curve for me. I usually have no idea how to find the bells and whistles, let alone install them! Beginning to feel like I'm doing my acceptance speech at the Oscars:

"I wish to thank Sally for her wonderful instructions on how to place a link, Psych Babbler for pointing me to LiveSignature for my wonderful new signature, the beautiful Melissa for inspiring me to blog in the first place. Have I forgotten anyone? Oh yes, Blog This for getting the creative juices flowing again, and helping me to find all you amazing people. And Google Images for all the incredible visuals. Sorry I can't name everyone who has contributed to my blog becoming what it is today, we would be here forever. But you know who you are... Mwah. God bless!"

Oops, sorry, got a little carried away there. Even had the dress picked out. Not a great shot, but the only one I could find of what I want.

Mind you, I better start the diet now.

Speaking of The Academy Awards, have I ever mentioned we have drilled Boy 2 in his acceptance speech? Running joke in our little family, as we indulgently bought him his own video camera for his seventh birthday. He had struggled for a year, lugging my old monstrosity around(and it was a VIDEO camera then), bossing, oops directing Boy 1. He actually looked quite professional as the proportions of the old beast compared to a weedy six year old were around what an adult cameraman with a professional piece of equipment appeared.  He persevered for the full twelve months, and his reward was a compact little Sony camera. Oh, and the speech. Well it goes like this:
"I would like to thank my wonderful Mother and Father for buying me my first video camera for my seventh Birthday." Camera pans to me sitting smiling serenely, glowing with pride. Big Boy beside me holding my hand, discretely wiping a lone tear of joy. Boy 1, looking ruggedly handsome, on the other side, grinning at his brother on stage whilst waiting patiently for the Best Actor award to be announced.
He can put it in anywhere he likes, beginning, middle, end. We are not that dictatorial. He just better not forget...

Ah, there I go again. Rambling away. Back to reality now, it's that time of the morning. School lunches, showers, breakfast, run rabbit, run.

Ciao for now. (Look below, see... WOOHOO!)


Jeni said...

I so gotta get me one of those!

Looooove the sig! Very you!

Berry Digital Designs said...

I love that dress!!! And your sig is great, did you figure out how to add it to the bottom or your post automatically or did you have to manually put it in?

Great blog!

Madmother said...

At this point I am manually posting it. Hoping dear blogger friend, Psych Babbler, can point me in the right direction to do it automatically and will post if I find out!

Melissa said...

That's the second comment I've lost on your blog, T. Wonder what's up?