Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oh Hell,

I knew it, I just knew it. It is like sitting in a wonderful old library full of first editions. Library ladder at the ready, where do you start? Blogs, so many delicious new blogs and so little time. I am drowning under my blog list, and my children are hungry, my man neglected, my life is falling apart around me as I voraciously gobble words, salivating, muttering under my breath:

"More, more, I must have MORE!"


Melissa said...

I know. It's crazy, isn't it? I currently follow more than 150 blogs, but am discovering more every day.

DarNonymous said...

Yes that is me at the moment too! It almost feels like 'work' now I have so many great Blogs to follow & catch up on & partner saying to me 'well, you don't HAVE to read everyone else's Blogs!'. Oh, & just adding yours to my Blogroll too, hee hee!