Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bits N Bobs

We have already established in my last post that my mind is weaving around like a punch-drunk boxer today, so please excuse any monumental stuff ups, typo's, or stupid statements.

I am shamelessly using this post to pop in all the little bits I keep thinking "oh, I should have included..." about post post!
  • Point one - NaBloPoMo. How on earth do I put the badge on my template? With the link? I need very basic baby steps please.
  • Two - my signature. I keep forgetting to add the code when I post and have to come back and edit said post. There must be someway to have this added automatically to each post?
  • Three - comments. Views are nearly hitting 300. And that is only in the last few days since I added the counter. Now when I go read a blog I usually comment, umless it has totally left me cold. So is my blog so totally yawnworthy that 99% of people couldn't be arsed even telling me so? Yeah, I'm being a delicate little petal, but I'm bloody tired and I need to feel the love people!
  • Four - have I mentioned I am really tired? Bone weary, thought processes in the toilet? I have? Sorry.
Oops nearly forgot it AGAIN:


Anonymous said...

I read, but sux at comments. I'm trying extra hard for you (do you feel extra special now). As for how to add things, I can't even figure out how to add the counter one on, yes I'm that bad.

Madmother said...

I feel very special, tired, but special. Thanks my friend, made my day.

...Mrs.P! said...

I ahve just found your blog and promise to comment when I can. I do a lot of my blog reading at work when I'm not supposed to so its sometimes hard to sneak in the comment. You've got a great blog going here! Hope you sleep better tonight

Madmother said...

Hope you like to invoke a response with your blog, cause you sure have today.

Note: aimed at the book author, not the blogger.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

I've been blogging for four years and I know that comments are often hard to come by. Or even worse you get a hater who haunts your blog for a few weeks writing snide anonymous comments. Best thing to do is focus on the hits you are getting. If your writing was yawn worthy they'd drop to a big fat zero in no time - trust me on this. The love is in the stats :)

Madmother said...

Thanks Caitlyn, appreciate the tips from an old hand. Really enjoy your blog too.