Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is it something in the air?

Is it the cycle of the planets, or moon? Something is going on, and it seems to have affected the people I know en masse. We are all in an emotionally turbulent or vulnerable phase of our lives, many appear to have hit the emotional wall, or fallen into despair. Some, like myself, have suffered many invisible hits to our psyche and are staggering, punch drunk, waiting for the next blow.

So, what are the Gods trying to tell us all? Life is shit? Life is too hard, and we need to give up? Or is it a "what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger" sort of test? I have no idea. But I tell you right now, I am screaming silently inside my smiling facade:



Melissa said...

It's given me you. A new friend who has my trust. Things may be dreadful right now, but I'm grateful for the gift of you.


Anonymous said...

Feeling is very mutual Mel. I think it is happening to so many of us: you, me, G, and so many others.

I am grateful for the good, but it pisses me off that inherently selfish people seem to walk through life unscathed, and yet those I know are truly wonderful seem to be hit time and time again by the Gods. :-(