Friday, September 18, 2009

I need to brag.

Ah, my boys, my wonderful boys. Last Wednesday was the school talent quest. 40 acts auditioned. 20 were chosen. 5 were in the drama/poetry/skit section. My boys performed a skit which contained EVERY TEACHER'S SURNAME in the school. It blossomed from an idea son no. 2 had whilst playing outside. With help from me, it bloomed into a slapstick comedy as follows (teacher's names in bold).

The Boys – A Play. Presented By Kool Productions
Boy 1 walks in limping, scratching and itching, looking unhappy. Boy 2 bounces in happily.
Boy 1: “Hello Barnard.”
Boy 2: “Hi Thomas! Watson today?”
Boy 1: “Not much, just tripped over an Antill. Mum says I should
Harden up, but these bites really sting. Makes me feel a bit green in the Gill!”
Boy 2: “I have a bandaid here, let me help. There, that’s a bit Cozier, isn’t it?”
Boy 1: “Knew I Lieked you for a reason. You have a big Harte. Oh no,now I’m going to sneeze… Ah – ah – Joosep!”
Boy 2: “Bless you. Got a bit of a cold? Must be from that Duncan
you took yesterday when you slipped on the Brox tom. I Todd you they were slippery. You were always Fuller it tom.”
Boy 1: “Yeah, I should have listened. Your Artz always in the right place.
So, how’s the bird watching going? Smithed out any rare ones yet?”
Boy 2: “Saw a Flock art west the othZahday. You know, you go down MacFar Lane! Oh, Sullivan, that’s Mum screaming for me. I can Kelly hear her. Better run. See you tomorrow at school, we Shul team up at sport!”
Boy 1: “Sounds good. See ya!”

Now, it was rehearsed a few times at home, but on the day in front of over 250 parents and schoolkids one managed to become quite nervous, and although the judges could hear him, most up the back couldn't. The other performed the best slapstick the school has seen in a long time, luckily compensating for the nervousness of the other.

Hilariously (you should have seen the jaws drop, and the looks of amazement), it was not my confident, self-assured second son who shone. It was my oldest ASD son who floored the whole audience (bar his Mum up the back who knows exactly what he is capable of). And yes, they won! Even defeating the drama students! Woohoo - go the N brothers!

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jlydia said...

How very cute and clever! I hope they enjoyed themselves!