Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What a success!

I am jigging on my feet, tapping my shoes, dancin' around the room. Over $3,000, maybe (if negotiations pan out) nearly $4,000! What a night - feedback is all positive, it ran like clockwork, fun was had by all - bar two very manic organisers. Next year we aim to break the $5,000 barrier! This was the first I had been involved in, first as co-ordinator, only the second one run by the school. Last year it raised just over the $1,000 mark.

Who said little schools can't raise big bucks, who said fundraising had lost the FUN. All you need is a small, good bunch, no politics, plenty of laughter and wine, and no prima donnas! This is how it should be - and look at what we have achieved! Woo Hoo - watch out for the 2010 Trivia and Fundraising Auction Night! Bigger, better, higher returns!

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