Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thinking of you.

One of the Anne of Green Gables movies was on last week. As I watched it I thought of you, and how much she reminded me of you. It is funny, if someone had told me a few years back that some of my closest confidants would be people I had never been face to face with, that some of my dearest friends I could pass in the street and wonder why they seemed familiar, that the written word from you could become my life jacket in times of need, I would have laughed in their faces. How I have learned.

I feel such joy when I see a comment, message or new blog with your name. It is almost like that butterfly feeling you had when anticipating bumping into that boy crush when you were young. It always makes me smile, though sometimes it is fleeting if you are in pain. Then I worry, and want to help but know not how. If those closest to you cannot make it better, who am I to presume to ease the darkness. I am helpless and useless, only capable of sending cyber back pats, trying not to sound patronising, scared in case the words do not convey what I feel in my heart. Terrified I will make it worse.

I am no Marilla, I can only wish I was so wise. But I am your friend.

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Melissa said...

What a beautiful post. You're such a compassionate, loving woman, and all of your friends (and I am proud to include myself) are so lucky to have you.

You help more than you know.