Monday, September 21, 2009

The Monster Retires to Its Cave

I am feeling far more rational today, the rage has dissipated as quickly as it arose. Hormones, stress and unresolved resentment over the actions of people in my day to day life had blended to create a bubbling cauldron full of anger and angst. Exercise certainly helped, and I think my initial mistake was not attending the boxercise class that morning. All may well have been resolved with a few well-aimed, politically correct punches but instead it became a day of flaming fury.

On days like Saturday I know exactly where my oldest son's sense of justice and black & white opinions come from. In a perfect world those that do wrong would suffer the hellfires of painful punishment, in the real world they almost always get away with it, that is if they are not rewarded for their actions! Where are all the superheroes when you need them?

But, as it is not something I can change, I have to let it go. Any attempts to unveil the evil would merely result in fingers being pointed and more nastiness. The tragedy is the next generation witnessing and learning this behaviour will merely perpetuate the cycle. I wonder if these people think about what lessons they are teaching their children?

So, life moves forward. The manicness of work, holidays, kids, Nanna, work, house continues. But this time with an underlying sense of sanity. Calmness prevails (as much as it ever does in this family's life).

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