Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today I Feel... Average.

Yeah, not firing on all six cylinders yet as I hoped I may be. Spluttering along on about three or four would be my guess in between nose-blowing and sneezes. Will have to refrain from any air kisses or hugs tonight, don't think this cold is at its most contagious but I certainly do NOT want to share the love around. Think they'd be peeved if I wore a surgical mask in the car? (I am one of the designated drivers tonight, still on my alcohol break which is a blessing with the way I am feeling with this damn head cold...)

It may be a good thing I am not in top form. Meeting new people (even if you feel you have known them for yonks) is always a bit tricky. People's perceptions from online personas can be, well... off base. And let's face it, even without alcohol I can be like Tigger on speed when I am at my finest.

Yeah, scary. I have been known to reduce grown men to tears when my razor wit is fully sharpened. In my heyday I could reduce them to sobbing wrecks via other means, but that is a blog revelation for another day.

I am really looking forward to meeting this group tonight. After many years of interacting on the interweb I must admit I am curious to see if my mental images are accurate.

The first time I met another friend I was surprised at how quiet she was. A little stunned actually, as she was so forthright and outspoken online. Don't get me wrong, I liked her, but had to adjust my ideas. Then came the next time we met when she stayed here and we got to know each other a lot better. My web impressions had been spot on, she was merely reserved upon our earlier meeting, and her verve was revealed in full force once we knew each other a little better. Hell, I was nervous at that initial get together, my first experience of web crossing into life. I would now class her as one of my closest friends.

It is a little surreal, this cross-over. You know intimate details of other's lives, have been through incredibly heart-wrenching crisis and hard times, have supported each other in times of inconceivable pain and need and yet have never met? Bound to be a little stilted at first, when there is so much pressure.

But if tonight goes as well as I suspect, it could be the first of many new catch ups. Not only from forums, as this one is, but from all web worlds. Bloggers, twitterers, hell the possibilities are endless!

Blog parties may well be this decade's new version of block parties. Like-minded people sharing interests and life experiences, what better basis for friendship is there?

After all, you can never have too many friends.


Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Ooooh, I hope you have a fabulous time!! I want to hear ALL about it afterwards!!

Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting on my blog, I'm so glad you did! I'm your newest follower!!

Kakka said...

Have a great night, maybe one day we can meet too - I think I would love to have you as a friend (well more than a cyber friend). Oops I just typed fiend instead of friend lucky I checked my spelling - LOL.

Anonymous said...

Now that first meeting didn't happen at Dreamworld? I thought I informed everyone I'm shy and reserved at first until I know for sure my insaneness isn't taken the wrong way.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Meeting up with people you've only met online is such fun. I even go interstate to do it.

Madmother said...

Dreamworld, hmm, sounds familiar...

Kakka, would love to meet up. I have some good friends in Perth but won't be visiting whilst Wise Woman is still kicking.

AFaNM - welcome! Have been reading your blog for a while now. :-)

Shame it has all fallen through. It would have been a good night.