Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bloggers Lament

It’s really pissed me right off
I honestly don’t know why
One minute I am popular
The next all seems to die

I have this little counter
To check who is looking when
It froze up for a day or so
Then soon began again

But since this tiny, short glitch
Something weird, it has occurred
My huge amounts of viewers
Have all gone south with the birds

So I really must now question
If I've lost my magic touch
My posts are they too boring
Do I sometimes spill too much?

It truly has me puzzled
Now I ponder, frown and pout
This blog thing has me worried
Could you please give me a shout

And tell me where I went wrong
To change a hundred down to ten
That must be a new record
Will they come back, if yes, WHEN?

For now my muse has vanished
She just packed her bags and left
She was too disappointed
To remain here all bereft

Shh, the echoes are quite scary
The shadows spook me too
I sit looking around here
And wonder: “Where are you?”



Linda said...

Brilliant - I think everyone feels the same about their blogs you know! I bet they haven't gone anywhere...x

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

So many weird things are happening in computer world at the moment. My blog reader didn't seem to be updating when it should - hence my lack of appearance in these here woods... And let's not even start on the new facebook!

Kakka said...

I am still here pretty much daily Hugs from Perth xxx

Jen said...

Your muse is too busy writing great poetry to focus on blog posts! kick her butt and tell her to get back to the job she is hired for ;) .

I am not sure about the counter thing or your viewers but..I am reading :) I have read a bit on the new iphone that I got on friday last week but didn't figure out until today how to leave messages on it! rofl (I'm no comp geek!)

E. said...

Glad it has starting working again for you. My counter shows all hits not just unique ones because I need to feel the lurve!

I'm needy like that.

Cathy said...

In my short experience reading blogs when someone writes that they are taking a break it has been for a month or two. So when you wrote you were taking a break perhaps they thought it would be for longer than what you actually did.

Kellyansapansa said...

I’m here my friend
So don’t be sad
I’ve not abandoned you

The thoughts you’ve penned
Are still so mad
I read your posts right through

Fear not the end
Instead be glad
And banish blogging blues

Melissa said...

I haven't been here,or anywhere. My muse left me, stealing my will to write or read blogs.

I'm back. I'll be here, reading everything you give us. <3

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

My hits vary wildly, I go through periods of just getting around thirty hits a day and then, for no reason, I suddenly get 150 - oddly its usually on a Tuesday. Lately its been quiet, so maybe everyone is just busy AND the other day I lost a follower. How's that for feeling like you've lost your touch?? Why oh why did they leave me? Was it something I said? Am I boring? What did I do the deserve this??


Heather said...

I read, but i don't comment much. Just thought I'd pop out and say hi.

Madmother said...

Thank you people! Love the poem Kelly, and great to see you back Mel.

Heatherrrrrrr - I comment on your blog, girl, so you need to comment here!

Kellyansapansa said...

Caitlyn - I've noticed that some blogs are disappearing from my Google Reader for no apparent reason, so maybe they didn't leave you voluntarily :o)

Anonymous said...

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