Thursday, January 27, 2011

You Just Never Know...

Whose watching.

And reading. Found out today another Mum at our school is a fellow blogger. Remember my dilemma way back when I recognised someone from our school as a blogger I read? And then of course the infamous Bollywood night when bragging talking about roller derby and the name I craved, and a just met lovely lady turned to me aghast and says "Oh MY GOD! You're MADMOTHER?!"

Well today I have had another little kick up the butt of small worldliness in the shape of the sister of a friend, with an *ahem* power christian name, sidle up to me and mention she twigged as to who I was, and that we had conversed on a parenting website many moons ago... All because brainiac put her newly approved derby name in the middle of her real names on facebook. Yeah, dead giveaway, I know. But hey, it is cool to put a face to a name you have known even if you had no idea that you knew them, lol. Clear as mud, right?

Lucky I don't put stuff on here that I won't own. Oh, and "Hello". I'm your newest stalker follower on your blog now!


cjtato said...

Hahahahaha. I hope that's not supposed to be me? Was great chatting the other day. :D

Madmother said...

Nope - me!

It was wasn't it. Hope the ears are clearing up. :-)