Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Big Event.

The countdown has begun. It is two weeks and two days until my firstborn baby becomes a teenager. How did this happen so fast? And how do I stop it? I don't wanna have a big boy, I wanna have my baby stay little! *Sob*.

But the dilemma this year is what to do for his big day. Thirteen. Man, that sounds grown up. Thirteen. And you'll never guess what this quirky, amazing, wonderful young man has asked for this year. Remember, he is a product of a derbying, slightly off center, definitely out there Madmother and a very geeky, sci-fi fan, honours degree in physics, maths and computer science Big Boy: in other words he was bound to be unique.

Any thoughts? I'll give you a hint. He bought The Crystal Bible at age five (no - we were not alternative people at all), sleeps with his four amethysts and two fluorite crystals under his pillow each night, recent reading includes Astral Travel for Beginners, The Autism Prophecies and The Psychic Bible...

No it is not World Peace. He asked for that from Santa a few years back. Nor is it a cure for cancer, he is going to work on that after he completes his studies, he tells me.

The time machine theory has fallen by the wayside for now (could have something to do with his mother's blank looks when he starts on about the time-space continuum, and wrinkles in something or other).

Any thoughts? Give up?

Anyone know where I can track down a decent aura camera? Nope? Me either, but that's what I am on the hunt for. Gotta love him. A boy of science who is as alternative as you can be. What a combination!

I love you baby, to infinity and beyond.


Karls said...

What a unique child! Aura camera? Bizarre request! Are you raising your own Deepak Chopra?

Oh and until recently I did feel that I was stuck in Nambucca... but I'm beginning to see it's charm. Sure it's completely backwards, in the middle of freaking NOWHERE, the demographic is made up of primarily the elderly or the unemployed... but it's beach are spectacular, the river (when it isn't flooding) is breathtaking and the people (well most) are a friendly bunch. I think I'm slowly falling in love.

Having said that... if I won the lotto, I'd be back in Brunswick Heads in a heartbeat!

Melissa *Suger Coat It* said...

Excellent. A truly unique 13 year old. You just don't see that many of them.

Good luck on your hunt. I had an aura photo taken once {8 or 9 years ago on the gold coat so no help here}... I have a red and yellow aura. Or I did when I was 18 or so. :oP

Madmother said...

Karls, this is the kid who only a couple of months back (lost in the bookshelves of a large Angus and Robertson store) I hear call across the crowds: "Deepak Chopra - COOL! Hey Mum - they have..." which is when I call back "I heard you son!" As did the whole store. Gotta love the boy!

Beet said...

well that is different. I hope you can find one and it doesn't cost you a kidney to buy!