Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Swings and Roundabouts

I have recently added a couple of new finds to my blog roll. I seem to go in cycles: you know... Full tilt, riding that white pony up and down on the ASD roundabout, researching, reading, being proactive; to falling in a denial heap in the silver coach section, sitting on the bench unable to move, discuss or even mention *shudder* Asperger Syndrome. It is quickly approaching a decade of being on this ride, and even the strongest of us end up with motion sickness after this long. Round and round, up and down, faster, slower, spinning ground...

Ah, but back to my finds. I follow a wonderfully informative, helpful blog,
and it is through this blog and its myriad of contributors that I find many of my new haunts. It is via a wonderful link to an open letter that I have stumbled onto Pia's blog:
the crack and the light . She writes so eloquantly of the emotions and battles we parents of the special ones face. I am reminded of how the fire can burn from a mother's love and quest for answers and help. Memories of the fight we have waged for ten long years are re-ignited. Don't get me wrong, I have not forgotten the campaign nor abandoned my role as his advocate. It is just sometimes the heat is not as intense, and other struggles take priority. Sometimes I cannot even read of another's ASD journey, sometimes I am tired.

Sometimes it is good to be reminded of how it was. Sometimes it is necessary for us to now see how it is today. Go, have a read, it is pretty powerful stuff.


Ro said...

Thanks for the link, having a blah down day here at the moment.

Epskee said...

Fights like this are like more like a merry-go-round than a roundabout.

Your're still stuck on it, going round in circles, excet sometimes your on the horse thats "up" and sometimes your horse is the one thats "down".

When you are on the UP horse you can see the battlefield ahead and make plans/call action stations.

When your on the DOWN horse, you are so surprised to finally find you have your feet on solid ground for a moment, that you can't see ahead as well anymore (as others are UP) and you take a breather.

We all know our next UP cycle is coming, so we tend to enjoy being on the ground like "normal" people (even though we are still on the ride, not outside the fence looking in) even though we know its only temporary.

We all need that space to breathe, so that when we are UP there looking at whats ahead, we have the strength to continue once again leading the fight.

Only thing is it would be nice if sometimes they could turn off the music - or at least change the tune.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am certainly glad to discover this. Good job!