Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Dangers of the Internet

I am fuming. Ropable even. A stupid fool on the interweb has taken to posting my private information on sites I do not want it on. She is a passive aggressive fruitloop who takes pleasure in playing sick little mind games online. Now, as most of you know, I have had enough of this sort of behaviour in my real life from two nutters once known as friends. As one in particular has been stupid enough to leave a glaringly obvious trail the last thing I need or want is for her to be able to track me on sites where I wish to remain faceless.

But this stupid fool does not think, nor would she care, it would not cross her tiny little self-focused mind that what is a game to her may impact on my family in reality. Oh no, she'll accuse me of being a drama queen and exaggerating the impact of such actions. Already she has claimed that friends have told her I am like this, that so-called people who know me claim... Well, enough to say that I did not believe her, but now am questioning the people I thought I knew well enough to dispel such two-faced ideas.

It is sad that there is such evil in the world, that someone takes great pleasure in inflicting pain on someone they do not even know.

I am so angry, but am taking steps to cull this presence in any way shape or form. You'd think people would have the brains to know if I wanted my name out there on certain sites, wouldn't I put it there myself? Huh?

Lord, save me from fools and foul bitches.

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Ro said...

Erck, that it dreadful, hope the idiot realises what a dangerous game she's playing :(