Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Monster

Written many moons ago, in the early days when things were dark. After reading some posts on a parenting site I thought it may be time to post it again.

The Monster
I had a little boy once
Who truly was so dear
He cuddled and blew raspberries
If anyone was near

His eyes were shining amber
His smile, oh so bright
And if you had him in your arms
He snuggled in so tight

But then a horrid monster
Did steal him right away
And never sent him back
Not since that very day

Put in his place a new boy
So fearful and so scared
Eyes all dim and worried
Loud noises in his head

He bangs his head and screams a lot
Will punch and yell and shout
And if you try to hold him
He always lashes out

The memory of my first boy
Still comes in dark of night
When tears they overcome me
And I lose all will to fight

But I will find this monster
I search with love all day
And slowly bring my boy back
This monster, it will pay

Oh monster known as Autism
You'll never win this fight
I may be battle weary
But a mother's love shines bright.

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