Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Brief Hello...

As the dramas continue. I have never had to fight a system the way I have recently. Every time I set foot in that place another drama has unfolded. I am too tired to go into detail, I will another day I promise. Suffice to say today was my first not going down to the hospital (1 hour each way), other than one other day earlier last week. Sadly, it was spent in total exhaustion due to someone holding what sounded like a massive Rave party ALL night continuing until 9am this morning. Thank goodness we had already planned not to visit, and Wise Woman was perfectly comfortable with us not attending today because I do not think we could have.

No writing, not one word. All my enthusiasm and creativity has dried up as my reserves have been usurped by the battles.

And of course, I have been focused on Boy 2 with his sadness and despair. My little man who is wise beyond his years, sometimes too wise. It is hard to have an such old head when you are only eleven.

That's it for me for now. Hopefully life will allow me to come back soon.


Epskee said...

I know exactly how you feel. My recent "rage against the machine" has resurfaced its ugly head, 1,000 times worse than before.

None of that she'll be right/goodd will prevail/your doing the right thing/you can do it BS will cut it, and you know that. So I'll simply say I'm thinking of ya, and you know you'll win, for no other reason than you HAVE to.

Its still a giant peice of crap that you need to, though!

Kakka said...

Take all the time you need my friend, look after those you love and don't forget yourself in that too. I too have been battling lately, hence I have not been on here for a while and I am so sorry that this is all going down. Hugs and love xxx

Ro said...

(((hugs))) and soothing wishes to you, Boy 2 and WW.