Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year - Welcome 2012... Are you the last?

Yeah, Happy New Year, yadda, yadda... No really, I do mean it, and yes, I know I am a day late. But let's face it, my blogging has become terribly intermittent nowadays. I just don't feel the constant craving to write as I once did.

The funeral was beautiful, poignant, painful and terribly sad. Watching a four year old and an eight (she turned nine the day after the funeral) year old bury their Mum is just not right. Watching Lisa's mum bury her daughter is just not right.
Lisa 1991

Hearing the wonderful eulogies and seeing the hundreds (yes hundreds) of people that loved her was uplifting... and just not right.

I hear her voice in my head. It is as if I keep rethinking recent conversations then I will not forget what she sounded like.

I certainly was NOT in the mood for the celebrations of New Year's Eve... but as it was at our home I really had no choice in the matter. Fifteen adults and nineteen kids... plus us.

I arrived home late Friday, awoke at 3am Saturday, was exhausted by 6pm... when everybody was due to arrive!

Thought I'd be in bed well before midnight, leaving the revellers in the capable hands of Big Boy.
1/1/12 - 4.30am sunrise over the mountain.

I was the last man standing at 5am. Sober? Yes, but not for lack of trying (thank you Pip for that glorious concoction). And certainly by 3am the solo sober stayer. Everyone else was beyond merry, and we had a group decide at 4am to make use of our couches for the night. Wise decision. And lovely to wake up to the smiling (and groaning) faces of friends on the first day of the year.

Where are the photos? Well, it was such a fantastic night NO-ONE thought to take the time from the partying to take any! A rare occasion, believe me, for this group are the happiest snappers of all. It just goes to show how wonderful a night it was.

So, Happy 2012 one and all. Do you think the Mayan's are right - or even that it has been interpreted the right way? Is this the last NYE we will see?

Well, if it is the last it was a good one! How 'bout yours?


Kakka said...

You are one super woman indeed, still standing at 5 am and sober to boot.

I think the celebration of this new year with other friends, and celebrating it so well, is a celebration and tribute to Lisa. For really good friends make you appreciate other friends and to lose a best friend to illness and then be able to take some small solace in others make the friendship lost all the more poignant.

Our new years was a small celebration with friends, enjoying good food and company, although I struggled to stay awake, I did, although we left not long after midnight to drive home to my bed.

May 2012 be filled with love, laughter and happiness. xxx

Anonymous said...

Sending Big hugs to you for the loss of your beautiful friend :(
Home alone NYE...soppy movie and thinkin of what lies ahead this year!!

Lisa said...

I saw the beginning of the Sydney NYE midnight fireworks on TV, decided they look just like every other year so went to bed. Woke up fresh on the first day of the year.

Is it the last? I doubt it. :-)

Me said...

We had such a quiet one we were all asleep by about 11pm and woke up and wished each other at about 9am the next day !!!!

I don't think it was our last - no matter what they Mayan calendar says - it better not be because we are planning our holiday to Canada for Dec 12/Jan 13 !!!!

jaak said...

I spent my night alone for the first time ever, setting up a new blog as the kids snored away and them placating them when they woke startled from the bangs of the illegal fireworks. I know that must sound depressing but I feel it was an achievement I didn't spend the whole night sobbing (and sure as hell was a lot better than my coping skills with christmas ;) ). I don't think that it is our last...but j do think of the prophecy. Either way I plan to move forward and create harmony and fun this year.

Anonymous said...

Lofty bye, sweet friend :)