Sunday, January 8, 2012

Uberkate - How You Warm My Heart.

I wear a gorgeous pendant around my neck, the silver pendant swinging to and fro across my chest.

People comment all the time, reach forth, grab, feel, gasp at the weight and the beauty of it.

They read the inscription - one word - Madmother. And every time they ask me about it I tell them, this is my link to one of my cyber friends. This beautiful piece was a gift from the universe made possible by my wonderful friend Kristin, otherwise known as Wanderlust.

And each time I place this around my neck, I think of her and send her a telepathic message across the miles... "How are ya doin' today, my friend?"

I don't know if she hears it, but I hope in her heart she feels another someone added to the list of people who send good thoughts.

Thanks again K, I love it and wear it often... and always think of you when I do.

This is my weekend grateful - the last at Maxabella, another who warms this icy, stone heart of


Down that Little Lane said...

How lucky are you? I gave my bestie Uberovals for her 40th and I have circles grom my husband with an extra circle and a solo Oval from Kate saying DTLL that she gave me to wish me luck with my website (it happened to coincide with my B Day so was a double whammy). I can tell you she makes every piece and remembers every name and set... MADMOTHER.. that one she will have really enjoyed xx

Maxabella said...

Kristin is a gorgeous soul - what a beautiful, meaningful gift. I bet it stirs up many a meaningful conversation too! x

Ro said...

Oooo, I love it!!!

jaak said...

Gorgeous and so special. Kristen is wonderful and really saved me in the early days of this journey of mine! She made me see what I'd been living and helped me make sense of it...I could never express properly my gratitude to her.

Meg Dunley said...

Thank for reminders of being grateful! Love your blog. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award if you are interested. Pop by and grab the award if you like, Cheers, Meg

Wanderlust said...

Aw, this makes me so happy! xoxo

Leanne said...

That's so lovely!