Saturday, January 7, 2012

Huge Can of Worms...

Would you?

If you were diagnosed with cancer?

Would you opt for traditional treatment?



Because I don't know that I would.

I have seen too much pain.

Watched the total loss of quality of life.

And then...

Watched them die anyway.

I think I would choose to have the time left be of some quality, not to endure incredible pain and suffering so much earlier. Not to be in a morphine fog for the remainder of my life. Not to be removed from my family by a haze of vicious poisons that remove your very essence leaving a hollow shell.

For this is what I have seen, this is what those I loved lived and then died. This is what I feel. Me. My personal choice.



OurGangof7 said...

That is a very good question. I too have often wondered what I would do. I think you see so many people get diagnosed that didn't have a clue that they even had cancer....they get diagnosed, start their chemo treatment and never seem to come right again. I truly wonder if it is worth it. I know there is a chance it will kill off the cancer cells and buy you more precious time but I just don't know.

Sarah said...

I hope I never have to make that choice because I'm not sure I would want to subject my body the kind of treatments available.

On the other hand, my family and loved ones would want me to do anything I could to extend my life. Obviously, how I was feeling in that life would need to be considered.

My sisters is currently receiving treatments for cancer and it is an evil medicine. Poison and it's unfinest.

Perhaps I would choose a different way of managing the illness but I respect her decisions. Just as I would like to think mine would be respected.

Interesting question!!

Anonymous said...

I think until you are in the actual siuation it hard to make that call. I as a nurse have seen people fight cancer with all the treatment and yeah their quality of life is crap...but others have done really well and gone on to have many more great years with their families. All cancer is different and everyones story is very individual....Cancer is a bastard which ever way you look at it!

jaak said...

I think id have the treatment. Anything to give me a chance to stay longer with my kids.

Katiegirl said...

I mentioned on my blog recently, that in the past year I knew 5 people with cancer. Four of them went the traditional route, with surgery/chemo, etc and all four eventually died horrible, painful deaths, and basically had to be drugged out of their skull with morphine, just to endure it.

One refused to take his doctors advice, and chose a natural alternative. Not only is he still alive, he is cancer-free and feels better than ever.

Of course, many will say this is just coincidence and lacks "science" to back it up.

I say Bollocks!! It's no coincidence...

Besides cancer is not the disease. It is a SYMPTOM. It is a symptom of a body that is too acidic and chronically lacking in oxygen.

I know what my choice is. I make it every day. I make the choice to take care of my body, I feed it with whole foods, I don't put chemicals on my skin, etc, etc, The best choice of all is prevention. Saves a lot of harder choices down the track...

Leanne said...

Yeah, it's a tough one. I would probably do it though. I think I would fight till the end. Not sure ... I'll never truly know unless I get faced with it I guess. But I do know that I have my mother today who was only given 2 weeks to live 20+ years ago. It was a combination of chemo and an experimental bone marrow transplant that saved her. Oh, and heaps of belief ...