Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Muse Wars - The Memories.

Lori @ RRSAHM has taken me back in time to a happier world. A group of us joined together in creative writing challenges. Muse Wars. The before, as she aptly calls it. Before I lost Wise Woman, before her own personal tragedy with the loss of Tony, before the pain of the recent.

The early, 2010, first run days were far more successful than my later attempts to revive the group. And nowadays, the Write on Wednesday group has superseded our small, intimate bunch of compatriots.

But, here, on a day where distractions call me away from the pain of the now, I give you Muse Wars:

Challenge 1: Walking Away
Challenge 2: Look Not In My Eyes For Fear
Challenge 3: Seasons of Love
Challenge 4: The Things We Do For Love
Challenge 5: Storm in a B Cup
Challenge 6: The Sunset
Challenge 7: Beam Me Up Scotty
Challenge 1: Eyes of a Gypsy, Soul of a Wife
Miscellaneous: Many Coloured Love (not completed)
So, if you are up for some light, short story reading and relaxation - go for it.
I miss Muse Wars, *sigh*. I miss a lot of things, especially the people who are gone.

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Melissa said...

Maybe we should start them again in January (or Feb, once the kids are back in school?). I'll find a pic.