Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Rewind: December 2009 & 2010

Am jumping on the rewind bandwagon again (thanks to Allison @ Fibro - click on link above to join). But am being naughty and adding two links. Simply because I cannot choose between them. December 2010 was hard... let's face it, any month after October 2010 has been difficult, but December particulary as the first Christmas without Wise Woman in our lives. The post I have chosen from this year is one of a little fluff and lightness - my reworking of the old classic:
Just to put a little stimming into your lives, lol.

The second is one from the heart. Memories of my wonderful Yee-Haw Grandma. Written in December 2009 when my blog was still new-ish.

P.S. I lost my Grandmother just prior to her 91st birthday. I am pretty sure beating her in age was part of my Wise Woman mother's ambition and once the milestone was passed she felt she could let her hold on life loosen. Mum had turned 91 two weeks before we lost her.

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