Friday, April 1, 2011

FYBF - Light It Up Blue & Why The Hell Do I do This?

Tonight is the school disco. Today is Light It Up Blue day for Autism Awareness.  Pretty apt mix really. Wonder if the kids would complain if all the disco lighting was various shades of blue, hmmm? I'm on the glowstick stall after swearing "no more" last year. What can I say, I'm a control freak who can't stand by and watch without twitching. And I happen to like and respect the 2011 committee members too much to stand idly by and not offer to help. So instead of just lighting it up blue we'll be lighting it up green and pink and ornage and yellow too!

For FYBF this fine Friday, after the discovery of the impact the poetry of one little boy has made (even if copyright liberties were taken by others), I have renewed hope in the power of words. So I am adding a few of my own in celebration of ASD awareness.

April 1st  - Light It Up Blue Day, in preparation for
World Autism Awareness Day on Saturday April 2nd. Landmarks around the world will be a beautiful blue in support of this important message.

It is the 4th WAAD. Statistics now show 1 in 100 children are affected by ASD. If you don't know someone on the autism spectrum you are the exception.

I won't be sharing his poem today (learnt my lesson well), but rather some of my own. From a while back now, but the second is so apt as our lives are now.

Look not into my eyes for fear
Unknown things just not clear
Someone holds me very dear
Ignorance keeps pain so near
Look not into my heart so pure
Never tell me you want a cure
I am unique, that’s my allure
Angry people please be fewer
Look not into my tears so loud
I’m not just someone in the crowd
It could be your son being cowered
My Mum says she’s always proud

Walk Before You Run
You have to crawl before you walk,
Walk before you run
But now you need to spread your wings and fly.

I always held your hand before
Locked it tight in mine
But now you have to soar alone so high

The time is now upon us
To loosen up the ties
For all to let you show the world yourself

For I am just a mother
Who must learn to stand aside
And not wrap you up and give you so much help

So now your running strong my son
We truly are so proud
The boy you are will be such a great man

But just remember when you race my son,
And pass the blurry faces my son,
Please still reach out and gently touch my hand.

Happy FYBF. Spread the message. Please.
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Michelle said...

I like the sound of blue disco lights!
Lovely poetry

jo said...

You Rock! Absolutely amazing friend of mine. I read this too late to contribute my bit of blue but I'll be ready next year.

love jo

jo said...

You ROCK! My amazing beautiful friend. I read this too late to contribute my bit of blue but I have the perfect thing for next year.
love jo

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

Lovely poetry. Such a shame about the copyright violation on your boy's poem, good on you for following it up.

Leanne said...

Beautiful poetry MM. And great shades of blue.

Madmother said...

We raised over $300 from the glowsticks and novelties! Woot!