Friday, November 12, 2010

The Unbearable Lightness of...

Stuff. I know this blog has been steeped in sadness of late, but this is the one safe haven I come to for sorting things out in my mind. And in words. Today, I have awoken to a sense of relief. Why? Because I picked up Boy 2 and he had had a good day yesterday. When all is right with my boys that weight laden block in my heart eases off. I won't go into details here, but suffice to say he has been recognised as not the only one responsible for recent events. We are not now minimising his total over the top out of control reaction, and we will be continuing to work with the school and his psychologist on a constant basis, but there is a glimmer of light! He no longer feels the world is against him totally (and I happen to know a big part of this is due to his amazing brother and his black and white/right and wrong outlook).

For those of you who have offered support and help - thank you, and I will be continuing to beg, plead and grovel for all advice.

But today, today I have my boys home and we are going to laugh, love, smile and live. Today the sun is peeking throught the clouds. Today I can smile a little.

Oh, and it's Flog Yo Blog Friday, some come and join in.



Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Oh, my Dear, my heart goes out to you! But I'm so proud of you for recognizing that sun peaking through the clouds!! Hope today is TERRIFIC for ALL of you! Hugs!

Jayne said...

Those types of days are pure gold, dazzling in the happieness xxx

Glowless said...

We need to hold on to those days of smiles and laughter, it's a bloody hard thing to do sometimes, but look at your reward :)
Glad it was a better day.

Karen Whittal said...

Nothing is ever as bad as it seems at first glance, enjoy your day