Monday, November 15, 2010

Something To Lighten The Load

For the first time I am joining in with the Special Needs Blog Hop. Please be gentle - after the last few months I am slightly delicate little petal-ish.


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This Weeks Topic:
Tell us a funny memory involving your child or children.

And don't we all have those, special needs or no special needs. My oldest, Boy 1, is my master of Aspergerisms. He is black and white, the monitor of all being right in the world. Actually he is the holder of all being right in my world due to his tight grip on my heart, but back to the giggle moment.

Being the information guru that he is, when he asked (Age 5) how he came into the world as he knew he grew in Mummy's tummy, we decided the best call was to give him the bare biological facts. Young, I know, but with a forever never-forget-one-little-detail memory we knew we had be truthful even if skimming the topic at hand.

And so I explained how normally one is birthed via the birth canal and the vagina or giny as we called it. Nodding wisely, he wandered off to ponder the complexities of biology.

At bedtime he came in with a big grin, ear to ear. He had mulled it over and come to the Boy 1 theory of his creation.

"I understand now Mum. I was in your tummy, then I came out of your tummy and you washed away the wees and named me L!"

Ah, if only it HAD been that simple. Gotta love life through the eyes of a child, even a little professor such as this.


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Melissa @Suger Coat It said...

Haha. Lucky you washed the wees off. :o) cute tale and an even cuter boy you have there.