Friday, July 23, 2010

Throbbing Thursday - Tales of A Toyboy Part II *Warning* *Graphic Erotica*

Thank you for your patience, but here at last:

Tales of a Toyboy: The Climax

The heat rose, starting low and rapidly racing up her body like wild fire. As her pulse rate increased so too did her undulations beneath him. He quickly responded by grabbing her wrists and pinning them above her head to still the rapid movement. "It will be over before we even begin if you continue that."

Gently keeping both arms crossed high in a single-handed strong grip, he slowly undid the first button on her blouse. Then the next, and the next. A trail of light, grazing kisses followed his fingertips' path as he revealed pale skin. She quivered under his soft touch, and moaned as he raised himself up to pull the shirt off his own torso. A tiny smirk was suppressed, as the term fresh meat flashed through her mind upon gazing at his sculptured, youthful body. The thought soon fled as his lips possessed hers once more. This time his kisses were hard and demanding, his tongue invaded her supplicant mouth thrusting in rhythm with her once more moving hips. He let go of her wrists and she allowed herself a moment as her hands roamed over the bare skin of his strong, firm back.

Again he went to slow her movement, and take control. MM was unused to being the submissive one and as quickly as she thought "Bugger this", with a quick flip threw him over onto the edge of the bed and straddled his dangling legs. "Now it is my turn."

The boyishly charming grin flashed across his face once more, and he lay back, happy to surrender control to this captivatingly naughty older woman. She slowly trailed her fingernails over his bare, bald chest. Pink furrows rose up around his nipples leaving a map of passion where she scoured slightly deeper. Her fingers dropped to his belt and she deftly undid it and the fly of his suit pants. With one swift movement she pulled them around his ankles, taking his designer briefs with them. On her knees she gazed up onto the clearly aroused evidence of his need. Smiling wickedly, she licked her dry lips. the Toy Boy  gasped audibly. She removed her unbuttoned shirt, deftly undid her bra, dropping both to the floor, and then she stood, slowly unbuttoning the fastening of her own pants. She slid them and her underwear off, and kicked them aside and standing with legs spread, high heels, belt and stockings enticingly intact, she surveyed the look of unbound lust on his face and grinned. "Like what you see?" she wolfishly asked. Leaving his pants secured around his ankles she ran her hands up the side of his legs and then threw one silk-clad leg over his hip.

Her body hovered inches from his groin, tormentingly close, but not yet touching. The Toy Boy moaned and thrust the evidence of his arousal towards the apex of her suspender-clad thighs. She lingered, tantalisingly out of reach, relishing the upper hand in this game of procreation. Her warm moist hand grasped him, and MM allowed her dextrous fingers to slide up and down the throbbing shaft, she hesitated a moment to take the time to visually devour this more than satisfactory example of youthful male virility. A clear drop of fluid oozed over the tip and slid down the side into the loosely clenched palm enclosing him. Another groan escaped his parched lips. Like a man dying of thirst he licked them and arched upwards to drink of her. She leant forward to allow him the briefest of tastes before resuming her close perusal of his shaft.

Okay - now the question is, do you want me to go on or is it becoming a bit too personal for most? Come back and comment, and I'll edit and finish it if you wish. Comment, people, let me know your desires...

I'm also adding the Flog Yo Blog link. Might as well. Oh, pssst... I did start this on Thursday but then got caught up at work and forgot to post it. Whoops.



Alex said...

Hey woman, keep going, it's amusing.

You'll probably like this blog...

Lori @ RRSAHM said...

Hehe keep it on going I say MM, I'm loving it!!

Katie said...

ooh. Bookmarked for when I am not at work and reading between customers.
COME ON 5 o'clock!! GET HERE!!

Walter Knight said...

Hi Madmother:

WOW, I'm gone for a while and now LQQK what you are UP to. Let's make a movie, yum yum!


Madmother said...

Alex, now following suggested blog, lol.

Will be back over weekend to finish as it seems to be the general request (though I did lose a follower - oops).

Walter, baby, where haz ya been? Thought I'd been ditched...

Kakka said...

Excuse me while I go and take a cold shower!! I too have been absent with other things and now I just might have to go and find my hubby.

"Oh honey, you know you think this blogging thing is boring - well come to my bed right now and I will show you it is not" - LOL

Walter Knight said...

Ditch Madmother? No way. Consider yourself smooooooched and hugged, yum yum. You can steam up my computer screan anytime.

I hitched a ride across the Pacific back to America, and have been keeping busy writing.

Keep writing.


Walter Knight said...

Did you know Kakka has a hot car? But would she give me a ride. Maybe? Good look with the shower.