Friday, July 16, 2010

The Good Bit, Though the Bad is still Creeping In...

I know, I know - missed a day, and also didn't post Throbbing Thursday for the second week in a row! But the BAD is really still BAAAAAAAAAAD. Car still dead, which means I drive Big Boy the hour to work, come back to pick up kids, drag them back down to pick up BB... Well, you get the drift.

But, enough on that, today's post is the high point of the last three posts:

The Good:
  • Boy 1 made it through the week back at school without major meltdowns. Ooh- and survived PE with the teacher who makes his life, ah, not pleasant.
  • My car went in for a service and they lent me a nearly NEW Lexus IS250. Black, lush, handles like a dream. Up I drove to pick up kids from school, flying up the winding mountain roads as she cornered like a dream (yes, I am the frustrated rev head in the family). And you should have seen some of the looks I received at the school . Bwahahahahahahahahaha!
  • My gorgeous friend and I have bitten the bullet and signed up for a master class one Saturday a month with the Queensland Writers Centre. It is the Express Year of the Novel Class with a renowned writer. Have juggled kids and committments and finally done something for ME. And I get to enjoy it with a great friend. Woohoo. I think. Okay, a bit daunted and scared, but doing little happy dance. Alright, am tapping one foot. Not sure if that is in fear or excitement but it is rhythmic, sorta. Okay, a little *woopee* escaping my lips now.
  • I am smelly. How is this good, you ask? I am fake tan smelly (Boy 1 hates it - "You don't smell like YOU, Mum...") and getting browner by the minute. We are off to a Bollywood party tomorrow night, first time invited to the social event of the season. I have Bolly-outfit, black wig, gold and more gold jewellry and a party mood all ready to roll. Woot-Woot. May even post photos if I am game. After this week we are really needing a good night out, so great timing.
  • Wise Woman is really well. That damn leg ulcer has healed beautifully in a little over a month. She truly is living up to the miracle woman title.
  • I have been blogging each day (see Brenda, I can do it). Even yesterday when I didn't post here I did post on another blog site I write for. So ner.
  • And the latest on The Ugly... apparently Sunrise is doing a special segment this weekend and will apologise. Still no mention of the social mouth menstrator offering her explanation, but hell, didn't expect it. But it may be turned into a positive in the education and advocating stakes for these oh, so, special kids. Reserving judgement until seen.
Phew. Done. Now for that lightly chilled glass of white...


Kakka said...

There better be photos of the Bollywood event, or I will have to send my minions around - yes I have them - and do you really want to mess with my minions???? Just kidding, hope you have a fab time (and photos would be nice). xxx

And a Lexus - well la de da - bet that put the wind in some people's sails. Glad you loved driving it.

Terri said...

Oh, wow, a loaner car! When my minivan went into the shop for major work -- the reason we can no longer budget new floors, but that's another story -- I had to pay for a rental. Bit of an insult, but it was a brand spanking new car with that new car smell. Ahh... When it was time to return it, my 10-year-old daughter, always thinking, suggested we turn in the minivan and keep the new car. If only...

Glad about your mom and the other good bits.

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

That good is all Damned GOOD. And totally and utterly deserved.

And yes, we need photos!