Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fifty? Waddya Mean FIFTY?

Bejeebus - how to scare a forty something sliding rapidly towards fifty mad female peoples! Mention the F word in a challenge title.

Yes, don't go into shock readers, I am about to dip my toe back into the icy waters of the Blog This challenge system again. I know I moaned and whinged in the past about *ahem* some of the lack of hoopla for winners of the Blog This challenges (well, I was entitled, I did win four challenges, and am pretty sure I was runner- up in one other but by the time it was announced... Ah well, all water under the bridge now) but I figured new crew, new era? Yeah?

So, it's the big FIFTIETH CHALLENGE!
We have open slather to post anything, so long as it equals the big 5-0.

And I sit here with absolutely no bloody idea what to write about! Everyone else has already covered it all. I have to keep up the level I set in my other *cough* winning entries, and let's just say my high-jumping days are long gone, so I'm off to fetch the ladder.

*Cue booming James Earl Jones voiceover*

Now presenting The INSPIRATIONAL LADDER...

Thanks James!

By golly Miss Molly, it worked - I think I have it!

I give you:




Yes Glee! The show! Oh come on, everyone's heard of Glee, even Madonna... Now this is not going to be your average list, but one in keeping with my warped perspective on life. So hold on to your panties peoples, it's gonna be a rocky one.

I could go though each one and nominate a cast member, and I will for a few, but let's face it; half the fun will be you picking which of your favourite Glee-ites could take on what song and own it. And for any lyrics you don't know (being young-uns, some of you) do remember Google is your friend.

1.  Shaddap You Face - Joe Dolce. Perfect for Sue Sylvester, let me tell you.
2.  Holiday in Cambodia - Dead Kennedys.
3.  Sweet Transvestite - Tim Curry, Rocky Horror Picture Show. Hell, the options on this one are endless!
4.  Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again - The Angels
5.  I Touch Myself  - Divinyls. Would love to see the virginal Rachel tackle this one, lol.
6.  My Sharona - The Knack
7.  Blue - Eifel 65
8.  You Talk Too Much - George Thoroughgood.
9.  Boom Boom - Paul Lekakis
10. Happy Birthday - Altered Images
11. Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus
12. Tubthumping - Chumbawamba
13. Who Let The Dogs Out - Baha Men
14. Gimme Dat Ding - Pipkins
15. Pushbike Song - Mixtures
16. Black Betty - Ram Jam
17. Pop Muzik - M
18. Cotton-Eyed Joe - Rednex
19. Cool Cool Change - Midnight Oil
20. Rock Lobster - B52s
21. You'll Always Find Me in The Kitchen at Parties - Jona Lewie
22. Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes
23. Lump - Presidents of the USA
24. Oompa Loompa Song - Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory
25. How You Gonna See Me Now - Alice Cooper

Halfway - woot woot! So what do you think so far? Interesting?

26. Pressure Sway - Machinations
27. I Got You - Split Enz
28. Cars - Gary Numan
29. Computer Games - Mi-Sex
30. Bony Maronie - Hush
31. Der Kommissar - Falco
32. Cum On Feel The Noize - Slade
33. Evie (Parts 1, 2 & 3) - Stevie Wright
34. Out of Mind, Out of Sight - The Models
35. My Humps - Black Eyed Peas
36. Believe It or Not - Mike Post
37. Hungry Like The Wolf - Duran Duran
38. Spirit Got Lost - Mental As Anything
39. Bang Your Head - Quiet Riot
40. The Bitch is Back - Elton John. Now you would automatically think Sue for this one, but me I prefer Terri, Will's wife to take the lead.

WooHoo (as Tigger would say)... Final TEN.

41. Nutbush City Limits - Ike & Tina Turner
42. Pump It Up - Elvis Costello
43. I Need a Lover - Johnny Cougar
44. Anarchy - Sex Pistols
45. Choir Girl - Cold Chisel
46. Dirty Deeds - AC/DC
47. Stupid Girl - P!nk
48. Take on Me - Aha
49. Boys Light Up - Australian Crawl
50. Living Doll - The Young Ones feat Cliff Richard. Ensemble finale methinks? Agree?

So, who did you pick for what? Hmmm?

Don't forget the important bit now: if my fifty got your inner Glee glowing, go vote for ME!
 I will be grateful...Mwahahahahahahahahaha. And I promise not to sing.


Lisa said...

Ah yes, that little lot would improve the musical taste of Glee immensely.
Getting a teensy bit bored of the blanding of that originally so promising show.

Should I really admit that I remember most of that 50?

Kathryn said...

5. I Touch Myself - Divinyls. Would love to see the virginal Rachel tackle this one, lol.

I almost choked on my coffee!