Sunday, July 25, 2010


Once again I am crying out to the blogosphere for your assistance. You probably read my UGLY rant a couple of weeks back, but it gets worse.

If you haven't already joined the Facebook page: PRUE MACSWEEN AND CHANNEL 7 SHOULD APOLOGISE then please do. And then you need to read this (her lovely note - oh, and Ms MacSween, you are the one who is in the wrong here, and YET you still do not get it, do you?). Oh, and she does not give anyone the right of reply! Ignorant, ignorant, ignorant! And her apology on Sunrise this morning? What apology? SHE said SORRY for using the word retard, but not once did she apologise for advocating our children be put somewhere and trained like monkeys, or dogs! She is unrepentant, arrogant, and blindly bigoted! She thinks ALL children should be nice little robots all conforming to HER social guidelines.

A lot of blogs I follow have the same feelings on this issue - disgust, disbelief, anger and frustration. PURE DISBELIEF AND ANGER THAT SHE IS ALLOWED TO CONTINUE TO CARRY ON LIKE THIS WITH NO REPERCUSSIONS!

What I am asking of you is to e-mail the Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Children's Services, Bill Shorten, to voice your opinion and demand action.

This woman is setting back standards for our children with special needs DECADES! What she advocates is tantamount to locking them away until they are acceptable! By whose standards I ask? Because I tell you right now THIS thing (for I cannot bring myself to class her as human) is NOT ACCEPTABLE to me!

Ugly, ugly, ugly.


Wanderlust said...

Maybe people should write Channel 7. Might be better if Ms. MacSwine just lost her job.

BTW, can you send me an email? I don't have your addy. I'm at kb@flaghussy dot com. Thx!

Melissa said...

I have linked to this post on my blog, Tanya. Hope thats' ok.