Monday, March 5, 2012

The Story of That Little Button of Pleasure...

My little button went into hiding on Saturday night. There I was, all ready to jump in and give in to my craving for release when ...with a *FLICK* and a *POP* it vanished into the dark recesses. I nearly cried. When searching did not bring it back, I nearly screamed. Frustration burst through my, by that time of night very limited, decorum.

"NOOOOOO!" I yelled... well, quietly muttered darkly under my breath as not to wake the sleeping munchkins upstairs.

We had been at a 1920's belated Valentine's party. Great fun, great costumes, great company, and no imbibing for this little black duck due to some health stuff. But that is okay, my reward was to come later. Or so I thought.

But then... then disaster struck. *Sob*

Gone, hidden, no more to be seen.

Now, I can just see all of you dirty minded little fuckers lurkers putting hands over mouth and going "Ooh - clitorous post!"

Ah, sorry to disappoint. No.

It was the little plastic toggle that sits under the top button bit and is essential to the mouse function. My laptop is aging, and deteriorating rapidly. A week ago I had to remove the clip on the top, to reveal the toggle-like tiny plastic volcano-shape beneath. Then a few days later (as said shape kept sinking and the top part kept sliding sideways into toggle) the top snapped off! Sticky tape to the unsatisfactory rescue, until 1 am Sunday morning, when *flick*, one false move and the little lid, not much bigger than the top of a pencil, flew off into the netherlands of my printer. Well, actually slid inside my printer by a minute gap in one of the sections where the paper sits.

Under that left button there.
*Poof* - vanished!
Big Boy was already snoring his head off after too many cocktails, so there was no chance of remedying the situation until daylight.

All I wanted was my cyber fix - surely that was not much to ask when one is wide awake and needing to wind down?

I was so distressed I turned to the only thing open to me... Chocolate.


Oh, you really are a dirty-minded little bunch, aren't you?


Sarah Mac said...

Of COURSE my first thought was that it HAD to be computer related.

What else could possibly cause that level of distress??

I'm guessing (as you are back) that your husband is that rare creature who not only manages to located that elusive button but actually knows what to do with it ;)

Madmother said...

Hah - ah no. He just plugged the big one in! Mouse that is, of course...

Anonymous said...

hehehe, nothing worse than poppin your button after a few drinkies!!

Madmother said...

Except I didn't even have the drinkies!!


I had no such rude thoughts. None. Not one. Well, maybe one. Perhaps two. Okay, you got me.