Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today is Car Day, It Seems...

Today is car day. Or posts about cars day. Suger is shouting her joy from the blog tops... she has a new shiny new baby over in Sugerland.

Mrs Woog is lamenting the death of her Mazda mechanised monster, and I bought a new car yesterday!

Like Melissa or Ms Suger as we know her, it is blue. Unlike Melissa, it is not new but used. But good enough for us. And the first car in decades I have bought for ME. Okay, so the kids got some consideration - hey, I didn't buy the 1997 2 seater Mercedes convertible did I boys? Hmm? Be grateful, it was a near thing (and you have rollerblades, I could have towed you easily).

The down side is I sold the old Lexus to a wholesaler in the morning... the car bought purposefully to drive Wise Woman in with her fragile bones. Another link gone.

What do you covet? And what do you drive now?

AND - I just have to add, 9 more sleeps to DPCON12! Woot.


Melissa {Suger} said...

Oooo, a gorgeous shiny baby. Welcome to blog land new car!

Thanks for the mention MM. I'm pretty darn exicted about my first new car smell in ovwer 12 years. Not that long, for some, but a third of a lifetime for me. ;) Haha.

Leanne said...

Lucky you! That's a nice car. What do I covet? Um ... handbags and shoes for no special reason other than they're so beautiful.
What do I drive? The FUN BUS!!! My beautiful black Kia Carnival whom you met last year. I love that car. In fact I may not be able to let that car go. Perhaps I covet that then?