Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In the Lady Garden...

Bah - have I caught you all out again?

Naughty, naughty peoples. Okay... I'll 'fess. I did it deliberately just to get you here.

I have spent most of today, in between the rain showers, in the garden. Ripping out weeds, cutting off branches, culling, tilling, working out my frustrations.

I am pissed. Actually, I am tense and because I am tense I am pissed. And so off to the garden I run, taking out the boundless frustrations on the rubbish which grows where it should not.

Tomorrow I have to have the last of my scans. I know, logically, that it is unlikely to be anything, but we all know that being sensible is not the most obvious of my attributes. Okay, not really one at all. I don't like this sort of stuff, puts me on edge.

And to add to this, a mother at the school has decided I am to be the focus or distraction of her rage because her life sucks. At least, that is the interpretation I am getting from others. All because of a Facebook comment, taken the wrong way (personally), explanations, clarification and apologies all ignored. FAAARRRKKK - I thought I had left primary school a long time ago, but no. This nearly 50 year old woman has absolutely fixated on me being the root of all evil. Personally I think it is an altogether different type of root she needs and it ain't the kind I was ripping out of the garden today! Hasn't been an issue, but this morning I didn't realise I was parking near her... until Boy 2 said: "Mum, what have you done to that woman, she looks like she wants to kill you!" Look across, and yep, gaze of death glaring through my windscreen.

Had to laugh when I explained what had transpired in brief and he responds with "Great, another person who is in dire need of mental health." And they wonder why I say he is my mini me? And no, I didn't go off about her or her issues, merely said she had decided not to talk to me anymore after the FB comment and told him what it was. Because it seriously was not bad, and it was about special needs which he understands the implications of.

And honestly, most other days I would have laughed it all off, but this is not most other days... it is the day before. So I am allowed to overreact! After all, I am nothing if not a  

PS Garden is gutted. Totally.


Leanne said...

Best wishes today MM.

And yes, that title definitely caught my attention.

And the fact that she needs a good root ... LOL

Anonymous said...

We have *that* mother at school too, my issue that gets the death looks is that I'm just too darn 'together'. She feels that I should be more a self involved, victim mess, like her. Hence I get lots of cats bum face from her :)


ps, love your blog, ur an awesome writer :)