Saturday, April 3, 2010

Muse Wars 7: Beam Me Up Scotty

Originally started by Melissa @ The Things I'd Tell You, the Muse Wars continued with the 2nd challenge set by Tanya(me) @ Meaninless Meandering From a Madmother, and the 3rd by Kakka @ Menopausal Mumma, the 4th challenge by Lori @ Random Ramblings of a SAHM, the 5th challenge by Gemma @ sometimes you just need to vent., 6th challenge   @ Menopausal Mumma,  Challenge 7 by Lori @ Random Ramblings of a SAHM. whoever links first will pick challenge 8.

Are you up for it? Anyone can join in, you just need to write a story as your interpretation of the photo in around 500 words (although this limit was removed by Melissa in the first challenge so it is merely a suggestion).

Tall,  and still as a statue, he knew his father would be proud. The third generation in this chosen occupation he took great pride in his heritage and his work. Not many nowadays followed the family calling. Not many nowadays were up for what they considered to be an archaic career choice. He knew a lot of his peers considered him strange for taking this little needed path, but he had never cared what others thought. Only his family, always his family. The light of respect that shone in his father and grandfather's eyes when he came home for those rare breaks was enough for him. He needed no more.

 A gentle ocean breeze blew past him, but he betrayed no movement. It was a glorious day, the kind that always made him that little bit homesick when he thought of long, sunny days and bright blue cloudless skies. Home where it never rained and each balmy day blended into another. Home where his family waited patiently for this tour of duty to end. Home where he could be himself.

Without a doubt he was almost ready to leave this lonely place, as beautiful as it was. There was only so much solitude he could take, and six years was a long time. He knew his replacement was being groomed, but it took time to train in this ancient century-old art. Just a little longer, he thought, just a little more patience. Only three more days until the new moon, then he would be free to depart.

He stood, stoic, solid, duty-bound as the sunny days blended into moonlit nights. He gathered all his data, collected any drops of information that came his way. At last it was time.

In the dark of a cloudy moonless dark night, the neighbourhood rumbled with roaring thunder. On the rocky outcrop his body shuddered and moaned, slowly coming to life after the six years anchored to the ground. In the distance another tall, solid identical intelligence agent waited to replace him. By morning no-one would even know he had been replaced, and he would return to the home planet with his wealth of earth data for the scientists to analyse this primitive planet with its lack of technology and soft-fleshed vulnerable inhabitants.

His family would welcome him, their bright lights flashing in emotion, as he settled back into his portal base on the edge of the purple sea of molten hydrogen. Where the four suns always shone day and night.


Lori said...

Good Lord, how did you get that done so quckly?!

I can definitely see the influence of the painkillers, but I like it! Brilliantly done.

Kakka said...

Hope the pain is less, this is brilliant - again.

JAWhite said...

I like the Sci-Fi take!
I was thinking of something more phallic when I first saw the photo. Don't tell the wife she might get ideas.:) ...or is it :-

Jen said...

I like it! deep...made me re-read it again MM :) very cool take on it :D