Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In The Wee Hours of The Morning

  • I have finally found and corrected the time setting in my blog!
  • I realise my life is pretty good. Manic, but good.
  • I fantasise about a career change to roller derby. Madmother is still an available name on the register. Hehehehehe...
  • I am not happy that although he woke me with his coughing, Boy 1 never actually woke and is now sleeping soundly. Good for him, bad for me.
  • I am wondering why people feel the need to play mind games. Be honest, if a friendship has past its use-by date just let it go. I have.
  • I am thinking about how another friend is, and hoping tomorrow brings help and answers.
  • I am acknowledging, yet again, that I truly chose the wrong career. I hate spreadsheets.
  • I am hoping if I go back to bed and read for a bit, I can manage a little more sleep. 5am is fine, 3am will not allow brain to work clearly tomorrow.
  • I am wondering how many of said spreadsheets I have stuffed at this hour.
  • I am hoping to find time to work on my other blogs, but they require a lot more thought so must be clearheaded!


Melissa said...

I'm here. I've slept. I've only had one coffee, so lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. But thank you for thinking of me.

And - whiny post. Am peeing blood. Rather a lot of it. You have to laugh, dont' you?

Madmother said...

Oh Lordy, we make a good pair! I actually poop blood sometimes as well, not usually at same time as the throwing up blood. And yes, that end has been investigated (has been going on a few years now, infrequently, just enough to go BOO every now and again) and chalked it down to piles.

Do you think it is a UTI or can it be a side effect of the medication???? Hope it all goes okay with the Doctor today, or as okay as it can under the circumstances. xx T