Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Totally Blatant, Completely Unsponsored Promotional Post - The Little Village.

I have a friend. Well, I have a lot of friends, but this is a very old friend. Okay, maybe the old won't be appreciated... a very *ahem* long-term friend.

She has started a business in the Sydney suburb of Chipping Norton. Now, she has no idea I am posting this, and in fact the only thing she has asked of me since she opened her doors is to *like* her facebook page for the business.

Little Village : A fabulous store in the heart of Chipping Norton, Fabulous Flowers, Gourmet Food, Picnic Hampers and Gorgeous Gifts.. No artificial Flowers, Foil Balloons or Fluffy Bunnies to be found here.. It's a gorgeous Little Village.

BUT, all the little bits and pieces that make it onto my facebook page have me drooling with hunger, dribbling with desire, or just plain out peeved that I live in another state and cannot get in to drown my senses in whatever the most recent experience on offer is!

The latest is this:

I LOVE relish! And the temptation is so great with this promo that I have looked at affairs and obligations, and all sorts of crazy schemes to fly in. Of course, the temptation to shock the pants off my friend by strolling in unannounced enters into it somewhat... but I. JUST. CANNOT. SWING. IT.

Shop 7 /94 Childs Rd, Chipping Norton NSW 2170

So if you are in Sydney, pop on in. And don't forget to tell the owner (Libby), that Madmother put you onto this. 

Hours of Trade: Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 18:00
Sat: 09:00 - 12:00

She'll either laugh, or get a bit creeped out if the numbers overwhelm her. Let's go for the latter. I owe her one!

Now I'm just going to make you lot drool too...

Note: All photos copyright The Little Village - I stole them
from her Facebook page!

Now I better go 'fess up to her. Hoping sense of humour still intact now she is big business woman entrepreneurial type.

Just in case it is not... I do have OTHER photos from many moons ago, Lib. But I played nice and didn't include those.

Oh, and


Disclaimer: this is a totally unsolicited post. I have not been paid, nor offered any gratuitous reward, in fact I have not been to the store (as yet), and the owner may well slap me one when I do get there.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I just want to smell all those soaps and check out what's in the boxes and all those cubbyholes. Hope she does well. Cathy.