Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hornet's Nest - Or How Nuffnang Stuffed Up Big Time

I am a tiny little fish in a very big pond of Aussie bloggers. This year, my voice has been even smaller as I struggle to post in this busy world.

But over at Digital Parents a large hornet's nest is opening up and spilling forth multiple Mummy bloggers buzzing with ire, as some of our most proficient and well known big fish bloggers are leaping vocally out of the Australian territorial pool.
"Why?" I hear you ask.

Well you see in the blogosphere there is a large commercial presence that goes under the name Nuffnang. You see their banner on many a blog, and also the multiple ads that go hand in hand with said banner. I am not a commercial blogger, but that is a whole other post.

Now Nuffnang run annual awards. Many of the more well known bloggers are nominated in lots of various categories. The most influential blogger being one of the biggies.

And, in my opinion, they stuffed it. They chose a blog I decline to link, for I will not be responsible for boosting traffic to such a site. I find this person blatantly offensive, racist and sick in her rants. I will not term them posts for, from what I have seen, they do not deserve to be categorised as such. I would not even compare her writing to the scribblings of a child, they lack any style and the content is... well, vomit-worthy.

If this is what they consider the best of the Asia Pacific region then I must admit I am proud to not be affiliated with Nuffnang.

Oh, and the best bit? They chose to blatantly ignore their own TERMS AND CONDITIONS by choosing this blog as the winner! Commercial whoring at its finest!

Thank you DP for revealing this travesty.

Boy, am I grateful to be a little fish at this point!


Anonymous said...

Im a little fish too and happy to swim with you :0

Me said...

I'm also just a little fish happy to swim around and play nicely with anyone who wants to play. (If the truth be told I am actually a large lady using her blog to keep her accountable while she journeys to becoming a smaller lady !!!!)
I read blogs for enjoyment and ideas and fun - not into political speeches or offensive, racist comments so glad I don't visit her blog wherever it is !!!
Have a great day !

E. said...

I'm with you and Jen R. Proud to swim with you and happy to be a little (or perhaps that should be tiny) fish in this blogging pond.

Wanderlust said...

What a fiasco that whole thing was. Glad it's blowing over. I was ticked off by it but decided to respond with humor. The whole thing just left a bad taste in my mouth. x