Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fish 'n Chip Fridays

Sometimes all you need is friends. Last night a casual catch up was planned with some friends. Big Boy was away in the land of dark skies, Boy 1 had invited one of his besties for a sleepover, Boy 2 is great mates with the younger son of three of my friend who were all dropping over for a while.

Me, being the great culinary expert of the area, had previously decided to go the easy route and order a mass of seafood from the local fish and chip shop.

School pick up... Boy 2 asks if another mate can come for a sleepover if his Dad says yes. Cool. The more the merrier.

Other friends land in around 5ish, the healer of the Mount (my wonderful friend) mentions another gorgeous girl had rung and wanted to catch up. We then spent an hilarious hour or so trying to track her down as she ferried kids to blue-light discos and the such (cannot wait until she hears those messages).

By the time the fish and chips and other bits and bobs were on the table, there were EIGHT boys ranging from little to oh my God how did you grow so towering tall all of a sudden high. And three laughing Mummas.

Having good friends around is the best medicine and heals so much of the angst. This has been a hard week. To have time with these two beautiful inside and out ladies was exactly the remedy needed.

Sometimes it is the unexpected get togethers that are the best!


Kimmie said...

Most definately the unexpected ones always shine!

Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! said...

I totally agree! Unplanned girl friend get togethers are always the best.

cjtato said...

Sounds fantastic! I love those kind of get togethers!

Maxabella said...

I can't remember the last time I had good old fish and chips... bring on Summer I say!! x

Kakka said...

They are always the best, and the non-catering (well making at home anyway) are even better. Glad you had a great end to a hard week. xxx