Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Am I here?

Feeling rather invisible and insignificant. Feeling rather helpless and useless. Feeling as though I am running and running and achieving nothing. Feeling very stabby.

Rationally I know this is not true, I know I am getting things done.

Guess I have the mean reds again.

Haven't heard any more news from my friend. This is very unlike her, especially as the last text was "call you in the next couple of days"... Which makes it all the more scary.

I do not cope well with waiting, nor with being helpless. But I need to be patient, for this is not my battle but hers and I can only be there when she wants or needs me.

Crap. Do not like these mean reds.

Yes, this is a very self-centred whiny post.


Sarah Mac said...

You're worried about your friend. I don't call that being self centered. I call that being a friend.

Hoping you get a call very soon.

Leanne said...

Hey, this is your blog MM. It's allowed to be about you. Hope you get a phone call soon so that you can feel some peace of simply knowing.