Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Letter to My Mother,

My Darling Mum,
You know I adore you and you are my best friend in the whole world but sometimes you drive me crazy. I love the fact you are fiercely proud of your independence, but as it looks like we are rapidly heading into another spontaneous fracture situation please, please listen to me. Do not bend to pick ANYTHING up, do not twist, lift or even stand too long.

You are an incredibly strong-willed woman but as the daughter who loves you and who has now witnessed four of these fractures, I am very aware just how much the agony and pain cost you. You turn 91 in 2 months time,  have lost 8 inches in height in the last decade and now weigh only 43 kilos. You are human and as such are fragile at this time in your life. And your bones are letting you down. I realise how frustrating this whole situation is, especially for a woman as intelligent and self-reliant as you are. And you constantly worry about putting pressure on or being a burden to me.

Let me tell you this: you could never be an encumberance, for you are the reason I can put one foot in front of the other and remember to breathe when things are bad. You are my strength, my calm, the one person who loves me exactly as I am, even though you quietly yearn to wash out my mouth when I swear, without you to guide me I flounder.

I love you Mum, and cannot bear to think of life without you, so please, I beg you, listen to me because I selfishly want you around enjoying life for a lot longer.

Your adoring daughter


Kim Thompson said...

A beautiful letter.

Ro said...

Fabulous letter to a fabulous mum :)

Sherri said...

Awwww, I loved your post. We are blessed to have our mothers. what a great letter and testimony to your relationship.