Friday, August 6, 2010

*#!@%*# - Damn, damn, damn.

Sitting here trying to stay calm,
 *cool blue water*cool blue water*
waiting for 3.30pm to click around. After nearly thirteen years of fighting it, it looks like today may be D-day. My GP has had me monitoring my blood pressure. I skipped a few days due to boys both sick at home (have been going in to my local pharmacy to have it checked), but today made it in at lunch time.

158/100...then 149/103. As I had to fast for blood tests this morning I decided (yes, against advice) to come home, eat, drink, rest and see what happened before calling doctor.

159/95...then 163/97. Pulse rate is elevated too. Damn, crap, poo, bum, damn. Yes, I repeated myself.

GP appointment 3.30pm and as I always have white collar hypertension it will probably break their stoopid machine.

Posting here as do not want to tell people irl, nor facebook - which is irl. Not enough people here to cross over, and if you are and you tell anyone you will be personally responsible for another BP hike  - so DON'T!

Friggin old bloody age *mutter mutter*.

I was told this would happen in my first pregnancy. The BP issues were mine, not pre-eclampsia, and it was a foregone conclusion it would hit. Mind you, the BP specialist called it for earlier, so I should be grateful I guess.

At least I should be rid of the headache and dizziness of the last few days.


Ro said...

My Lips Are Sealed (Alex The Seal if you're like all us that got the lyrics mixed up).
Fingers crossed the BP meds start to make you feel better soon.

Terri said...

We have so much to look forward to as we get older, don't we? But please, smack me if I start talking about bran/fiber, will you?

Feel better, MM.

Wanderlust said...

I'm sorry honey. Hopefully the doc can give you something to bring it down to a safer level. Though I know, more pills, who wants that? And from what I understand a lot of this is just hereditary, right? So not a lot you have control over. Deep breaths... xo

Madmother said...

"My hips are real" is our version Ro, lol. ;-)

Terri - arrgh - no mention of the B word here please... *shudder*

Kirst, she didn't give me pills yet. Have to do some investigation of why (though it is probably just me), and apparently this level is not putting me in immediate danger. Wish she had told the pharmacist that, as she scared the crap outa me, lol.

Still have vision issues and headache though BP now dropped to 154/92 - yay!

Madmother said...

Oops - forgot to add last reading yesterday before appointment was 173/105

katiegirl said...

I would be checking your magnesium levels. Lack of magnesium causes high blood pressure, and headaches (and PMS, and muscle cramps, and feeling fatigued but having trouble sleeping.)

My husband went off his blood pressure meds 2 months ago, and decided to treat himself. Kiwifruit, coconut oil, celery and walnuts all lower blood pressure naturally. He went to the doctor this week, to check the levels and they were almost normal(140/90), and the doctor was pleased that the meds were now working (his blood pressure on meds was 170/118). My hubby did not enlighten the doctor that he hasn't even taken a tablet for the last 2 months.

Please PLEASE find out what the cause is, before going on medication because bp medications are extremely powerful, and they DO contribute to diabetes and other problems down the track.

Sorry, I do tend to get quite passionate about the medication issue...