Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sleep deprivation and the torture inflicted by children.

I understand why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture. I go to sleep exhausted, wake up exhausted. Thought patterns are jumbled, my mind is shrouded in an eternal fog, I cannot make decisions. I am regressing back to the days of babies when lack of sleep was an accepted part of life, but I am a decade older and unable to cope the way I once did. It is not a situation which can be easily remedied. The issue is once I am awakened I cannot resume sleeping. And the reason I am being awoken is not anyone's fault. Son number one has started along the nightmare track again.
Sleep issues go hand in hand with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Earlier this year his anxiety had increased to a level where he was anticipating nightmares and was terrified to fall asleep. After a 4am night, or is that morning, we finally succumbed to medication. A natural over the counter remedy, but medication just the same. It worked, brilliantly. For quite a while. But I am wondering if the effectiveness is wearing off, as for the last few weeks these nightmares have taken hold again. We have ceased any games which although they appear harmless, may have instigated this series of night terrors. Television programmes, movies and reading material are all closely monitored. There does not appear to be a trigger, he is not stressed as far as we know (and it's anyones guess what is going on in the hidden depths of his complex brain). But as he comes and sleeps in my bed after one of these hit... well, you can see where my sleeping problems are arising.
Thank goodness we are off to his psych appointment this week, might just be my sanity he saves yet again.

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